Your ultimate Ibiza experience, corporate retreat or brand event – curated by the island experts. Elysium Concierge.

Pay your way - in fiat or the crypto of your choice

Elysium concierge
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We’re reimagining Ibiza concierge

For luxury leisure seekers who want to chill in the most exclusive villas, soak up the sun’s rays on sumptuous yachts or dance under the stars at the most sought after parties. We are Elysium Concierge.

Or for companies seeking to wow their clients with epic clifftop events, or inspire employees with a breathtaking weekend retreat beyond the ordinary and boring.

Live a life extraordinary – and pay in a way less ordinary, using whichever crypto you prefer. Elysium Concierge is a cutting-edge service for those who live life at the limits.

Elysium Concierge brings you experiential travel, events and retreats. Your way.


We curate moments and experiences for a life less ordinary


Indulge in the idyllic, with hedonistic hotels or chilled cliff-top villas. Soak up the sun on one of our luxury yachts. Or sit back and lose yourself in the ecstasy of experiences that will last a lifetime. 


From beachside workshops and strategy sessions on the deck of a super yacht, to group meditations in the Ibiza hills. We curate retreats with jaw-dropping locations and exclusive experiences, leaving you all inspired, intellectually unlocked and connected.


We’re Ibiza’s only crypto-enabled concierge service. It’s only right that we’re the island leader in event concierge and services for Web3, blockchain and tech brand events.

Elysium concierge

Dedicated Concierge

Our fixers offer a more personal service

Time is a luxury few people and businesses can buy and even fewer can afford. That’s why we provide you with a Personal Experience Producer – your dedicated expert. They’re dynamic, they’re smart, and they’re connoisseurs.

We drill right down into what you really want, and handle every detail. Whether you’re craving a last-minute break in a villa with your own private beach and impossible reservations at top restaurants; or you’re organising an elaborate corporate week-away involving super yacht dinners and forest meditations. Sit back and relax, confident as they take care of every detail.

Our producers know the right people, the right places – and most important of all, the right strings to pull.

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