Dedicated Concierge

Our Dedicated Concierge service

Time is a luxury few people can buy and even fewer can afford. And when you’re in Ibiza, there’s nothing more important than Elysium – and remaining in your state of perfect happiness.

That is why we provide you with a Personal Experience Producer, who is your dedicated holiday concierge. They’re dynamic, they’re sexy, and they’re connoisseurs.

But their heads aren’t in the clouds. Our experts are true fixers.

Whether you’re a romantic or rockstar renegade, you deserve to be the hero of your own blockbuster during each and every precious moment on the Isle. Your producer’s purpose is that you have memories to last a lifetime.

We drill right down into what you really want. We handle impossible reservations at epicurean eateries, to elaborately curated milestone parties needing planning and executing, to the little things like booking transfers, VIP access, difficult catering, and more. You can just sit back and relax, confident as they take care of every detail.

Our producers know the law and they know they lay of the land. They know the right people, the right places – and most important of all, the right strings to pull. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can respond to your needs.

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