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When seeking Elysium – your state of perfect happiness – nothing compares to the indulgence of an idyllic Ibiza villa.

Forget Googling and the brain-ache of wading through endless search results. Leave it to our epicurean and super-networked experience fixers, who listen to your needs and truly understand what you require to reach that state of pure Ibiza bliss. 

We help you find just the place – whether you want to relax to Balearic rhythms in the deep forest at the heart of the island, marvel at the crystal-clear waters below your clifftop paradise, or chill out in the decadence of a private beach just for you and yours. Yes, we can even secure you your own secluded slice of heaven.

Whether you desire the most modern, sleek and seductive villa, or prefer elegant yet rustic rural fincas, we’ll help you find Elysium – your very own piece of paradise.

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We have over 300 spectacular hand picked villas

Roca Lisa
From €25,050
Puig den Valls
From €45,650
San Josep
From €12,600
Sa Carroca
From €12,145
Vista Alegra
From €22,960
Vista Alegra
From €22,960
From €9,776
Cala Moli
From €10,600

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